Membership Benefits

Lake Lida Property Owners Association

Membership Benefits

The Lake Lida Property Owners Association (LLPOA) has been an enormous force in protecting and enhancing the quality of the lake, the fishery, and the landmass surrounding the lake.  To give you an idea of the importance of membership and the dues that support the Association, the following is offered as just some of the things that have been accomplished over the past 20 years:

*          About every 5 years a new LLPOA lake directory is published and presented free to members of the Association.

*          Inlets have been surveyed to determine what materials are entering the lake that could cause pollution or other kinds of problems.

*          The outlet channel has been monitored and appropriate measures to keep it open have been recommended to the DNR, and in some cases funded by LLPOA.

*          LLPOA has worked with Pollution Control to eliminate or minimize feedlot flow to the lake.

*          Shoreline stabilization has been initiated and in part funded to eliminate erosion on a number of Lida properties, including the major project completed on the North Clay Bank area.

*          Enhance Bass Habitat through various efforts in cooperation with the DNR.

*          Purchases and released many thousands of walleye fingerlings (up to 10 inches) into the lake.  Currently walleye stocking takes place on years with poor natural walleye hatches.

*          Funded a lakes ecology unit for 5th grade students (Books and curriculum).

*          Water quality monitoring has been maintained by LLPOA volunteers each summer with samples taken monthly from May-September.  Sample testing has been paid for by LLPOA.

*          The Association developed the official Lake Lida Management Plan in 2003, paid for by a grant from Minnesota Waters and matched by LLPOA dues.

*          Official web page for LLPOA.  It is:

*          Support the funding for a professional consultant who meets with land owners and discusses the “best” changes for their property.  Also will consult and contribute time to develop and write grants for LLPOA property owner’s shoreline improvement.

*          Funded trash pick-up every other year for major clean-up around the lake.

*          Supplied fishing rulers and refrigerator magnets to all property owners.

*          Paid dues to be an official member of Ottertail COLA and Minnesota Waters.