Letter from the LLPOA President

I would like to thank all people who joined the Lake Lida Property Owners Association for 2012. Your support is so important! Please spread the word about the association and what we are trying to do. Which is to keep our lakes healthy!! This requires time and commitment from all property owners. your help is needed and appreciated. Twenty dollars ($20.00 annually) is a mall investment to keep our lake Healthy. Please do your part to be an active member.

This has been a year of concern for our lakes. Will our lakes be invaded by the zebra mussels or how much water will we loose ? With the low water conditions it is becoming more and more difficult to launch boats and how long does my dock need to be?

Our main goal is to keep our lakes in the best health possible, this requires all of us to take part. your membership gives us financial support to finance projects such as: employing boat monitors and our landings. Approximately 2000 hours were spent at our landings. The main purpose was to make all lake users aware of the AIS in our area and how to keep Lida safe. There were many positive comments on this project. I feel we may be doomed, but I will not admit defeat yet. Although, some say it will clean up our lakes but in a negative way. We need to continue to support a healthy lake.

The lake association depends on two means of communication, to keep residents informed:

1) Beach Captains, they provide valuable information and ask for your membership. If this breaks down the association really suffers. I applaud the active beach captains, GREAT JOB!!!

2) the web site


1) Boat monitors at both landings.

2) Applying for Star Lake Classification.

3) Attend COLA meetings.

4) working on, how cattle impact our lake.

5) Looking for beach/bank restoration projects.

6) Supporting entire beaches, with difficult issues.

7) Taking water samples regularly.

8) Working on a new directory.

9) Working on the web site.

10) Looking for additional beach captains

11) Updating our Lake Plan, starting in April 2013.

If you have lake related issues, please make them known. W want a very strong organization and we can only achieve this with your support. Please get the word out, we want your support! If we missed you during our membership drive — I apologize! You are very welcome as a member of LLPOA. A membership is $20.00 (annually)

Call 1 (218) 863-5391, 1 (218) 863-3686, or 1 (218) 841-6428

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