People visit Lake Lida in search of a special experience. If you go, expect to encounter the challenges of change, like boat inspectors and educators.

Plan ahead and prepare: Know the regulations for the lake, and always let people know where you are going and when you will return. Check with your Lake Association website for more information, .

Dispose of waste properly: Pack it in—pack it out or find refuse containers.

Minimize campfire impacts: Check with your local fire marshall to find out where campfires are allowed. Keep fires small, burn wood to ash, extinguish completely, then scatter cool ashes.

Be considerate of other visitors: Avoid loud noises and let nature’s sounds prevail. Control all motorized and mechanical equipment in the lake area.

Additional regulations apply to specific lake areas, Check with DNR ‘offices for more information.

Warning—-Noxious Weeds and Hitchhikers

Many people are unaware they can spread noxious weeds and hitchhikers. These weeds and animals can rapidly replace and destroy native species and destroy ecosystems. What can you do?
Avoid weed infested areas.

Learn to recognize noxious weeds species and clean them off your boat, motor, and trailer before and after entering a lake.

Drain live-wells, minnows, and bilge in an established area.

OK. I found a hitchhiker. What do I do?

This is common—don’t panic!! Calmly remove the weed or mussel. Don’t leave it on the ground where it can hitchhike again or take root. Dispose of it in the garbage.

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