Please read the notice below about the upcoming water treatment project that will take place in South Lake Lida in late May / early June 2019 – it explains important details about your rights as a property owner
Notice is hereby given that the Lake Lida Property Owners Association (LLPOA) will be conducting an aquatic invasive species control project involving herbicide treatments of Curly-leaf pondweed infestations for South Lake Lida. Proposed areas for treatment will be determined based on results of
an aquatic plant survey to be done on South Lake Lida in early May. Details on the survey can be
found on the LLPOA webpage: https://lakelida.com

Curly-leaf Pondweed – The chemical treatment is restricted to areas of infestation and will occur when the water temperatures are between 50 degrees F and approximately 60 degrees F. It is anticipated that the treatments will take place in late May or early June but could be earlier. Aquathol K herbicide will be used for treatments and lake water use restrictions include not drinking lake water until chemical levels are below .1pm and to cease livestock watering for 14 days after application.

Signatures for lake-wide herbicide control of aquatic invasive species are not required for the LLPOA as the MN DNR has waived the signature requirements as allowed by state statute. The law requires notification to lakeshore owners on how to opt out of treatments. According to the Minnesota Statutes (103G.615, Sec 78, Subd 3a,b,c) the LLPOA is required to notify landowners of proposed treatments, offering them an opportunity to request that treatment NOT be done in waters adjacent to their property. Adjacency is defined as waters within 150 feet of the shore lake-ward between property lines.
While it is the landowners right to request treatment NOT be done in front of their property, it should be noted this project aims to reduce aquatic invasive species populations which interfere with navigation, impair recreational activities, and cause harm to native plant populations.

Landowner’s may exercise this right by notifying the LLPOA in writing of their wish to “opt-out” of any treatment areas for 2019. All notifications must be received by Friday, May 3rd, 2019.

Address all
communication to: David Hilber, President, Lake Lida Property Owners Association, 41026 Backroad Trail, Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

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