Beach Captains’ Meeting, May 2010


1:00 PM Saturday, May 2, 2010 at the Pelican Rapids Library.

Linda Kohls, our new president called the meeting to order.

Sec report:  The last year’s minutes of Beach captains and annual LLPOA meetings were reviewed.  Motion by Earl Strinden with second by Robyne Williams to approve the minutes was passed.

Shoreline Specialist Contribution: We contributed $2000 in 2009.  Steve Henry has worked with many Lida landowners applying for grants and helping with plans and planting.  COLA and many other lake associations are contributing also.  Dave Holsen of Sunrise Beach and his neighbors have completed a project and are very satisfied with Steve’s work. There were many other positive comments. Linda Kohls will write a letter to East Ottertail Soil and Water District regarding Mr. Henry’s work with LLPOA.

Motion by Arnie Jentz with second by Dave Holsen for LLPOA to contribute $2000 again this year was passed.

MN Waters Dues:  Dues are $200 per year. Motion by Mike Spangler with second by Robyne Williams to pay these dues was passed.

COLA Membership: $300 plus water testing fees of $200 was paid last year. The dues may increase as our membership has increased.  Bob Neilsen attended the April meeting. Shawn Olson is president and Steve Johnson membership chair.  Programs for this year are May 24- Invasive Species, June 26 -Steve Henry Shoreline Stabilization, July 24- New Septic Tank Rules- Lake Mellissa example, Aug 28- Round Table with other COLA’s,  Sept 25- DNR- 6 county update. Meetings start at 9AM and are usually held in Ottertail City Community Center. Anyone may attend.

Motion by Earl Strinden with second by Neil Lerfeld to continue COLA membership was passed.

LLPOA Dues: The Treasurer reported dues collection of $8,825 and $9,399.78 in the bank. Beach Captain honorarium has been difficult for Robyne to know who to pay as dues are submitted in many ways.  A few have received payment but others not. Discussion about what to do for the past year resulted in the decision to pay those who request it. Dues are $20.  Motion by Ed Strinden with second by Dave Holsen to cancel beach captain honorarium was passed.  Discussion ensued regarding incentives for joining LLPOA this year.  Garbage collection costs about $5000 and is too expensive to do every year. Linda Kohls will create a document listing what the LLPOA has done over the years.  Ed Strinden and Bob Neilsen and others who have something to share will forward info to her. The deadline is May 15.  The newsletter will be e mailed or hard copied out to members and beach captains for circulation to landowners.

Mussels :  Zebra mussels have entered the Pelican River and can be carried by boats to other lakes on boats, trailers, and live wells.  Some lake associations have paid people to be at lake accesses to reinforce the information and dangers of zebra mussels and other invasive species to our lakes.  There are fines for non compliance.  Mike S. will speak to DNR about providing a sign to private lake access on 108. Linda will attend COLA meeting in May about invasive species.

Lake Clean up After Ice Fishing: Discussion to explore paying Boy Scouts about $200 to do this work. Linda will follow up on this.

Water Quality report: Lida ranks 5th for quality among area lakes. First sampling due May 17 and done monthly until Sept.  Collection is done on Sunday and Mike S and Bob N could use a helper.  Bill Kohls will be contacted.  Mike does weekly secchi disc test on South Lida and Lyle Bring volunteered to do secchi disc test on North Lida. Motion by Robyne with second by Kathy Arntson to buy Lyle equipment for testing was passed.

Water Run-off:  Discussion concerning car crushing business on farm which has a slough that eventually drains via culverts and other sloughs into Lake Lida.  The Gilbert’s have contacted OTC commissioner with this information without any resulting action.  Neil Lerfeld will contact them as LLPOA rep with a letter from President Kohls.  MPCA may also be contacted.  Question regarding watering property from the lake was answered by several who say it is good as the nutrients fertilize the ground and water filters back into the lake.  There is no law that controls this watering. MN Waters helped make fertilizer containing phosphorus illegal in the state.

Star Lake Designation:  We have met the requirements and Linda continues to purse this status. We all need to work to keep LLPOA at this level.

Annual Meeting: Tentative meeting date is 6:30 PM Friday, June 25 at Lida Greens.  Linda will follow up on this.

Meeting adjourned

Gerry Langseth, Sec.

Beaches represented: Inlet, Bagley, Hwy 4, Forest Hills, Isle View, Klix Bay, Moonlight Bay, Kansas Point, Twilight/Omans, Crystal Lida, San Dee Cove, Eagle Ridge, Outlet, Sunrise, Lida Shores Loop, Tri lakes Dr, Matson Beach.

Picture of Bob N, Linda K, Gerry L, and Robyne W were taken by FF journal reporter attending meeting.