Beach Captain Spring 2008 Meeting Minutes

Please see the the minutes of the April 22 Beach Captains’ meeting below:



           6 PM, Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 41820 Bagley Bay Lane

          PRESENT: John McMillen, Dallas Israelson, Kathy Arntson, Twyla Nielsen, Lyle Barringer, Kent Gregoire, Lill  Hagen, Phil Hagen, Bob Nielsen, Robyne Williams and Gerry Langseth

          CALL TO ORDER: President Bob Nielsen called the meeting to order. He introduced Robyne as our new treasurer and thanked her for the dinner and holding the meeting at her home.

          TREASURER’S REPORT: $5,400 in the checking account and over $7,000 in a CD.  We agreed to honor Don King’s long-time service as our treasurer with a wooden map of the lake as a gift. ($150)

          COLA MEMBERSHIP: Lila Stoffel and Terry Fossen would like to be our Reps.  Motion by Robyne, second by Kathy to pay mileage to the meeting at the government rate was passed.  ($.47 per mile now)

          MN LAKES & RIVERS ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP: Need more information about benefits of membership.

          MN STAR LAKE CLASSIFICATION:  Need a management plan, doing good things and 50% of LLPOA are members of the organization.

          CLEAN UP DAY: Cost about $4200 last year. Motion to skip this year and do every other year by Phil, second by Robyn was passed.

          WEB SITE: Down but webmaster Scott Backstrom is working on it.

          MAGNETS AND RULERS:  Mike Spangler has ordered more.

          NEW LAKE DIRECTORY:  Motion made by Kathy, second by Kent for a new directory in the spring of 2009 with people who have paid 2008 and 2009 membership dues getting a free directory was passed.

          CLEAN UP ICE PATROL: A huge pile of trash was removed from the ice after the ice fishing season ended.  Captains are encouraged to speak with people fishing in their area about removing their trash.

          PORTA-POTTY: Twyla will check into the cost of having a porta-potty by public access and also the private access.

          LAKESCAPE SPECIALIST: paid $1,000 to support OTC specialist’s salary.  Also discussed weed control in the Outlet, probably spray in the fall..

          VISUAL CHAOS: Group did a presentation to OTC commissioners and another meeting is schedule soon. Watch for it on their schedule and attend to show support.

          NEXT BEACH CAPTAINS MEETING:  6 PM, Thursday, June 12, place to be announced. Bob will do a newsletter draft for the meeting.

          LLPOA ANNUAL MEETING: Tentative at 6 PM, Thursday, July 10, place to be announced.

                   Secretary, Gerry Langseth