Beach Captain Memo

Beach Captains were sent the following memo

regarding dues collection and 2009 LLPOA

Directory disbursement.  If you have not seen

your beach captain and you want your directory

now, please contact him/her, pay your dues, and

you will get a directory.  Some beach captains

are waiting until their annual beach meeting to

collect dues and hand out the directories.  Please

complement the beach captain for all they do!



Memo following the 2009 Beach Captain’s Meeting:


1.     Please see the Minutes attached for details.

2.     Annual LLPOA Meeting is scheduled for Lida Greens on August 8th at 9:00AM.

3.     Beach Captains get $1.00 for each membership that they collect dues for.

4.     Continued support for a lake consultant recommended.

5.     Lakeshore clean-up is being scheduled for late August.

6.     Distribution of the 2009 Directories

A.     Please present the directory to the member when he/she pays their 2009 dues to you. (They do not have to pay their 2008 dues to get a directory, but if they have not, they certainly could do so – they are not too late to contribute to 2008)

B.     Point out page 4 as a summary of what their dues pay for (lake projects have highlights listed halfway down the page).

C.     Point out page 15 for directory usage.

D.     Please get an email address from each member and a phone number and/or winter address if possible.  See attached for an example that is used by our Treasurer, Robyne Williams.  You may make copies.  Any expenses you have as a Beach Captain should be submitted once a year to the Treasurer for reimbursement!

E.     Dues that you collect and the information on the members can be sent directly to Robyne Williams at 41820 Bagley Bay, Pelican Rapids, MN 56572.  You may want to send them as soon after you get them as possible, so a number of mailings to her may be necessary.

7.     Recruitment of new officers – Any suggestions for President should be sent to a member of the Nomination Committee!

8.     Thanks for all the work you do.  See you around the lake.