Beach Captain Meeting Minutes (2011)


President Linda Kohls called the meeting to order and asked us to introduce ourselves.

Secretary’s report was accepted.

Treasurer’s report was accepted. By June of 2010 we had collected $6,900 in dues.  The balance as of May 26, 2011 is $13,219.13.  Robyne asked us to get name, address, one telephone number and email from dues paying members.

Shoreland Specialist position: Steve Henry’s work is much appreciated. Motion by Williams and second by Rossum to support this position with $2000 again this year was passed.  Linda will contact him regarding intern help.

MN Waters: motion by Lerfald with second by Gilbert to to pay dues of $200 was passed.

COLA membership: Motion by Baldry with second by Israelson to pay dues of $550 which includes the lake monitoring fee was passed.

Invasive Species: DNR has placed signs around our area.  More regulation on this issue is ahead.

Lake Clean Up: Post ice fishing clean up was done by Dave Boe and others rather than by Boy Scouts.

Water Quality Sampling:  There was a cold water algae bloom this year. Secchi disc reading on North Lida was 14 ft and South Lida was 8 ft.

Car Crushing Site: Increased activity at the site means greater potential for run off into Lida via connection streams. Gilbert, Lerfald and helpers have been active in making governing agencies aware of our concern. Plan is to work with the County to map drainage area, with the Township to develop a water monitoring /sampling plan to get baseline data and note any violations. The cost could be around $4000. Contributions from the Township and LLPOA plus grants will be needed. This information will be presented at the annual meeting.

Star Lake designation:  Linda has the application to fill in

Annual Meeting: Friday, July 8 at Lida Greens Golf Course, dinner at 6:00pm, meeting at 6:30PM.Motion by Strander with second by Arntson to spend $100 to purchase signs for annual meeting notices was passed

High Water Issue: Steve Henry and regional hydrologist, Julie, say that the outlet is functioning well. Lake Lida and Lizzie are both high.

Garbage Pickup: Motion by Earl Strinden with second by Dale Duerr to make no contract for pickup this year was thoroughly discussed and passed with two no votes.

Motion by Gilbert with second by Larson to adjourn the meeting was passed.

Secretary, Gerry Langseth