Professor - 37 years at NDSU in Fargo, ND LLPOA President from 2003-2009

President’s Message

1. LLPOA has applied for a permit to spray the rushes on the outlet to Rush Lake/Lake Lizzie. 2. DNR video explains new aquatic invasive invaders law on the following webpage: 3. Minnesota Waters offers Zebra mussel matirials. See the following website: 4. “The Only Hichhikers Allowed on the Lakes” is a great …

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Membership Benefits

Lake Lida Property Owners Association Membership Benefits The Lake Lida Property Owners Association (LLPOA) has been an enormous force in protecting and enhancing the quality of the lake, the fishery, and the landmass surrounding the lake.  To give you an idea of the importance of membership and the dues that support the Association, the following …

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