Annual 2011 LLPOA meeting minutes

Welcome by President Linda Kohls
Secretary’s report: motion to approve the minutes made by Phyllis Gilbert and second by Verlyn Strander was passed.
Treasurer’s report: Motion to approve the report was passed. Robyne stated that we had 441 paid members in 2009 and 345 in 2010.
President’s report: encouraged members to attend COLA meetings in Ottertail City on the 4th Saturday of the month at 9AM. On July 13 at 4:30 in Alexandria there is a COLA related meeting about Zebra mussels. Zebra mussels are not seen on Lida yet but a few eggs can create a rapidly developing population. High water issues are a concern all around us. Regional hydrologist, Julia____, and Steve Henry were consulted. Due to very high rainfall in river drainage areas cost effective solutions are very limited. Lida has a high evaporation rate so hot weather is best solution to lower our lake level.
Old Business
Star Lake Designation: We have the application but we need over half our homeowners to be paid members to qualify. Our beach captains need to work on this.
Car Crushing Site/Water Quality Update: Dick Gilbert presented verbally and on paper the details of his research and the potential solutions. On May 19, 2011 the State of MN modified its Storm Water Statute and Rules that MPCA administers by requiring 29 industrial sector activities to obtain Storm Water Permits. The new State Statute provides Lida Township with an opportunity to strengthen its position on at least 3 or 4 possible sites that may flow directly or indirectly into Township waters. Township supervisor, Al Schierman, was present at the meeting. The Township could work with various owners/businesses to help them be compliant with new MN statute and protect Lida Township waters. LLPOA could collaborate with the Township to implement permits and build on our past years of water testing to get better information regarding water quality. Additional monitoring can be contracted with RMB environmental Labs including for Zebra mussel monitoring. Concern was also raised about burning and disposal of hazardous fluids and waste at the car crushing site.
Motion that LLPOA president send a letter to Lida Township recommending that the Township Supervisors consider initiating formal Storm Water permitting program for activities covered under the new State of MN Storm Water Statute made by Robyne Williams, seconded by Bob Brooks was passed.
Motion to solicit Lida Township matching funds for water quality study and monitoring cost initiated by LLPOA made by Lila Stoffel, seconded by Phyllis Gilbert was passed by a show of hands.
Motion to authorize the executive board to proceed on water quality monitoring possibly forming a committee to work on the project made by Earl Strinden, with second by Joe Hilber was passed.
New business: Review of Beach captains meeting including paying for membership in COLA and MN Waters, purchasing meeting signs, no garbage pickup day, and thank you to Dave Boe’s spring cleanup team and Mike and Bob for water monitoring.
Election of officers: President, John McMillan; Secretary, Gerry Langseth; Treasurer, Robyne Williams were elected. Linda Kohls serves as past president on the executive board.
Steve Henry, East Ottertail County Soil & Water Conservation District Shore land Specialist: a summary of his talk follows: His position was created in 2007. He works with city, farm, lake and other property owners. Recent 8 inch rain storm has doubled the excess water in the area. Rush Lake went up 28 inches