2009 Annual Meeting Minutes



9:00 AM Saturday, August 8, 2009 at Lida Greens


President Bob Nielsen called the meeting to order

Beaches represented at the meeting were County 4, Crystal Lida, Inlet, Isle View, Kansas Point, Klix Bay, Matson Point, Matson Beach, Moonlight Bay, Twilight/Oman, Outlet, Sandi Cove, Sunrise, Rothsay, Bagley Bay, Thompson, West Shore, and Stony Bar for a total of 31 people.

Secretary’s report was presented by Gerry Langseth

All previous minutes for the year were reviewed and members were reminded that they were available in detail on the LLPOA web page under the news icon.  The report was accepted as presented.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Robyne Williams.

Total receipts are $21,503.69 and total expenses $13,396.60 leaving a balance in checking and savings of $8,107.09 as of June 19, 2009. The report was accepted as presented.

Lake Shore Clean-up date is Wednesday, August 12. 

A motion to do a clean-up this year was passed at the Beach Captains meeting June 20, 2009.  An announcement was in the Pelican Press last week and it read:  “The LLPOA junk/clean-up date is set for August 12th and includes metal, appliances, batteries, TVs, computers and furniture.  It will NOT including tires, concrete, construction debris, brush, grass, wood, oil or paint.  Please have your 2009 dues paid for taking advantage of this service and place the materials you want picked up on your lawn next to your road before the morning of the 12th. “

Dues and 2009 directory distribution

Cost per book is $20.  There are some extras for future use.  Darnell Lundstrom stated that the executive board has power to hire anyone to do anything as approved by a motion at a previous meeting.  Some money was spent to pay individuals to work on the directory.

Lake Consultant

Steve Henry has spent over 1/3 of his time on Lake Lida with 22

official landowner appointments, 216 hrs and 1000 in mileage recorded.  There has been over $3000 in grant money awarded.  Sunrise Beach on Dawn Drive has several projects done this year. Steve Henry says there is a possibility of a full-time landscape/lakescape architect intern from the University of Minnesota or from the Landscape Architecture Department at North Dakota State University for Lake Lida, who will be paid for by grant money. Approved projects are paid with 75% grant money and 25% landowner.  There are a large number of grants available for MN lakes this next year. Landowners can put in vouchers for their time and purchases also. Two landowners on Sunrise Beach paid only $40.  Steve Henry does all the paper work for approvals of projects. Lakescaping is part of our management plan.  A motion to contribute $2000 to the lake specialist program in Otter Tail Soil and Water Conservation District because of the fine work Steve Henry has done was made by Arnie Jentz and second by Dallas Israelson.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Fishery Concerns

The slot limit for walleyes is 17 to 26 inches.  These fish must

be returned to the lake immediately.  There is a 10 year sunset on this limit and we have 5 years left.  Although the DNR intended to do this slot restriction even without the landowners approval, LLPOA at the request of DNR, did survey the membership about six years ago with about 100 responding in agreement with the slot restriction and about 20 opposed.

Resort Owners liaison

Darnell Lundstrom will head this project so each resort will have a representative at all Beach Captains Meetings.

Outlet into Rush Lake/Lizzie

There was no report from the task force studying this issue, however it was noted that water runs back and forth dependent on rainfall.  Presently there is a good channel through the reeds but the Executive Board is to evaluate this annually to determine the need for the poisoning of vegetation along the channel to maintain a good water flow.

Annual meeting signs

Individual beach signs were suggested by Kathy Arntson. Each Beach captain could put one up to remind people of the annual meeting if LLPOA would provide them.  The Executive Board will pursue this idea.

Thanks to Volunteers

Thank you for after ice fishing clean-up and other volunteer work was expressed by several people. Kathy Arntson also reminded us of approval of paying expenses and proposed a small gift to say thank you for volunteers who contribute their time and efforts so extensively.

Election of officers

Nominating committee of Darnell Lundstrom, David Boe, and

Greg Larson presented the slate of officers with the following statement.  Bob Nielsen served for 8 years and Bob Green and Earl Strinden also served for many years.  The following people agreed to serve a 1 year commitment in their office, including the Past President.  This will result in a 3 year commitment for the Vice-President as he/she moves through the procession of offices.

Slate of officers

President – Linda Kohls; Vice President – John McMillin, Secretary – Gerry Langseth; Treasurer – Robyne Williams and Past President – Bob Nielsen.  All were elected unanimously following a motion by Earl Strinden with a second by Conrad Posz.

President recognition

Lake Lida plaque gift was presented to Bob Nielsen with our thanks for a job well done.

Meeting adjourned

Gerry Langseth, Secretary